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Concrete Floor

Levelling & Resurfacing

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Why Choose Selfcrete?

Here at Selfcrete we dedicate our time and effort to make sure that every step we take in completing the job is done with full care and attention. We understand how important it is to protect your home by offering a clean productive experience.

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Floor Levelling

Concrete Repairs

Quality Prep Work

Registered & Insured


Our Procedure


We tape off your baseboards, poly off any areas where there may be potential for dust to get in contact with your finished cabinets or furniture, we set up dust control systems for air flow,  and when possible we set up mixing stations outside with tarps to ensure a clean environment.


You will always have a strong bond to your floor for many years to come and it all starts with a properly prepared surface which involves taking off 100% of the impurities, paint, drywall, and bacteria from the surface with our grinder.


After we remove unwanted debris from the floor, we then start vacuuming the whole square footage of the job. Upon further review we inspect the floor and use caulking in the areas where there may be cracks, spray foam around the perimeter of the floor so no materials leak, and if necessary we use quick patch material for any damaged areas of the slab.


After the repairing process of the prep we then continue to seal your floor with a coat of primer which ensures a proper bond between the material and your subfloor. After the primer dries, then the concrete pour begins. a system which allows us to pour concrete at a fast pace which helps the quality of the job so the finished product dries together and levels together as one unit of material.


After the self levelling compound dries we check the floor with a laser and a straight edge to make sure the floor is not only within spec, but also within the guidelines we discussed prior to the job. For the finishing touches we will cut back any spray foam that remains, scrape off any concrete drips, and leave you with a flawless floor that you can count on for years to come. 

We grind, prep, and level your subfloors to get them ready for the flooring installation process. It’s a crucial step needed to meet the flooring code requirements. We serve home owners, general contractors, flooring installers and more. We’ve worked side by side with many flooring installers to understand what it takes to allow a stress free installation and we take pride in bringing your floor above and beyond spec which separates us from the rest.

Our Procedure

About Selfcrete

We are a registered and insured company that offers you flat level floors for any building structure whether it's your house, garage, town house, or high rise project.

By the time we are done with your concrete slab, or wood sub floor you will be able to put any flooring over top. We go above and beyond to give you the right condition for your situation year round. If you or anyone you know wants floor levelling give us a call for a free in home estimate today. Call me at 778-808-2423 to set up an appointment or use our online template.

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